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We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

Online Guide to Meeting Assignments

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Purpose   Tick  Giving prepared speeches is one of the highlights of your contributions at a meeting. It is where you put in the most effort, receive the most detailed feedback, and where you reap the most substantial rewards.
  Tick The purpose of each speech is given in the Pathways level that you are working from. You should endeavour to make every speech a Pathways speech.
When preparing Tick  Consult the Pathways guide to establish what are the objectives of the speech. This is fundamental. At the same time print out the forms that your evaluator will need at the meeting.
  Tick Do not be overly concerned with content. You do not need to "wow" the audience with learned brilliance or scintillating wit. Concentrate on putting together a well structured speech that you feel confident in delivering. The emphasis is on delivery, not content.
  Tick Source material can be from anywhere, perhaps your own experiences or maybe things you've read, an opinion you have, advice you've been given....
  Tick If you need special equipment such as the data projector or whiteboard, markers and eraser, advise the Sergeant at Arms and the Toastmaster a few days in advance.
  Tick As with all assignments, prepare and rehearse to ensure correct timing. Typically, an unrehearsed speech will go over time.
Before the meeting begins  Tick  Discuss with your evaluator any points that you would like him/her to watch out for, over and above the written objectives for the speech and provide your evaluator with the Pathways evaluation forms for the project..
Tick Advise the Toastmaster of your title, Pathways level and the speech objectives. Also any special requirements or introduction you have.
What to do during your assignment Tick Before the speech, take a few deep breaths, and remember to relax! Stand, adjust your clothing and move to the side ready to walk on at the conclusion of your introduction.
Tick  Acknowledge the Toastmaster and audience, then deliver your material.
  Tick  When finished, hand back to the Toastmaster.
    That is the end of your assignment. You will be evaluated later in the evening.
After the meeting Tick At the end of the meeting, update the wall charts and have the VPE sign your speech manual.
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