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Hall of Fame


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Club President Club Vice-President of Education Winner of the Club's Toastmaster of the Year Trophy
President's Recognition Award for Outstanding Service to the Club
President's Encouragement Award for Most Improved Toastmaster
Elizabeth Wilson Care and Share Award for Outstanding  Acts of Kindness
2024-25 Anu Vijayan Daaniel Mitchell    
2023-24 Sabesh Sitsabesan Christine Huynh Christine Huynh
Michael Said
Robert Gubbibs
Vicki Sheehan
2022-23 Rob Tibbertsma Vicki Sheehan Anu Vijayan
Gary Wilson
Kevin Zhang
Barbara Mifsud
2021-22 Monique Tonna Sabesh Sitsabesan Sabesh Sitsabesan
Rob Tibbertsma
Matthew Jay
Rosina Tombs
2020-21 Sean Leise Rob Tibbertsma/
Monique Tonna
Suben Subenthiran
Gary Wilson
Andrew Emerson
Wendy Lipski
2019-20 Wendy Lipski Sabesh Sitsabesan Sabesh Sitsabesan
Christine Huynh
Barbara Mifsud
2018-19 Michael Fong Sam Fenton Sam Fenton
Sabesh Sitsabesan
Edim Hujdur
2017-18 Elizabeth Wilson Sean Leise Alicia Leise, Sean Leise
Sam Fenton
Cheryl Piper
Rob Tibbertsma
2016-17 Peter Steinhour Michael Fong Karl Pereira
Tom Woods
Tracey Lane
2015-16 Monique Tonna John New John New Anu Vijayan
2014-15 Ian Lipski Peter Steinhour John New
Tom Woods
Michael Fong
2013-14 Alicia Denis (Leise) Ian Lipski Monique Tonna
Michael Said
Tom Cummins
2012-13 Linda Snalam Kirisha Thanapalasuntheram Jeeven Jayanathan Natasha Chan
2011-12 Sam Ekinci Linda Snalam Christine Pizzuti Melanie Wilson
2010-11 David Griffiths Sam Ekinci Sam Ekinci Kirisha Thanapalasuntheram
2009-10 Demian Coorey Alicia Denis (Leise) David Griffiths Wendy Nielsen (Lipski)
2008-09 Michael Said David Griffiths David Griffiths Linda Snalam
2007-08 Kirsten Linklater Wikrom Tang Wikrom Tang Ingrid Hoppe
2006-07 Tom Woods Kirsten Linklater Rodrigo Lucero Ian Lipski
2005-06 Ian Chick Tom Woods Demian Coorey &
Joan Abela
Rodrigo Lucero
2004-05 Michael Said Ian Chick Tom Woods Kirsten Linklater
2003-04 Robyn Peck Michael Said Ian Chick Dilshan Perera
2002-03 Joan Abela Thomas Sadler Michael Said Tom Woods 
2001-02 Demian Coorey Joan Abela Robyn Peck Ron Marriott
2000-01 Gary Wilson May Wong May Wong Joan Abela
1999-00 David Shepherd/
John Taylor
Helen Kennedy/
Charles Rickards
John Taylor Demian Coorey
1998-99 Helen Kennedy Subha Narayanan John Taylor Fouad Sarkis
1997-98 Terry O'Brien Ivor Baptiste/
John Taylor
Subha Narayanan Sue Deaves
1996-97 Vicki Woodger Helen Kennedy John Taylor Carmen Plumridge
1995-96 John Taylor Vicki Woodger Vicki Woodger Dianne Sammut
1994-95 Jill Sykes John Taylor John Taylor Ivor Baptiste
1993-94 Denis Burke Greg North Jill Sykes John Taylor
1992-93 Charles Rickards Noel Springall Denis Burke &  Jill Sykes Greg North
1992 Gary Wilson David Kelly Elizabeth Wilson Christine Watling
1991 Jon Goris Gary Wilson &
Elizabeth Wilson
Gary Wilson &
Elizabeth Wilson
David Kelly
1990 Warwick Lee Bob Hince Harold Flemming Lyle Brimmer
1989 Clarrie Burton Warwick Lee Bob Hince Warwick Lee
1988 Rex Baker Jon Goris Michael Fildes Frank Rotherham
1987 Tahir Omeri Godwin Sammut Ken Rennie Bill Campbell
1986 Rod Downs Rex Baker Rod Downs Harold Flemming
1985 Bob Cowling Robert Ash Clive Warren-Smith Fred Brown
1984 Bob Hince Bob Cowling Ken Rennie Rex Baker
1983 Graham Lance Bruce Frith Archie Barclay Bob Cowling
1982 Tasman Wilson Maxwell Fisher Maxwell Fisher Bruce Frith
1981 Allan Murray Ray Smith Ken Rennie Graham Lance
1980 David Sherlock Trevor Wilton Gary Wilson Maxwell Fisher
1979 Rod Downs Bob Hince Bob Hince Bob West
1978 David Williamson Jerry O'Donovan/
Chris Cunliffe-Jones
Ken Rennie Geoff Hall
1977 Ken Rennie Archie Barclay Bob Farnham Lou Magritzer
1976 John Paine Ken Rennie Ken Rennie Bob Farnham
1975 Richard Clarke Gaine Cramb Gary Wilson Ken Rennie
1974 Bruce Magnusson Monty Monteith Gary Wilson Mick Urbanski
1973 John Hawes/
Nick Vanden Dool
Nick Vanden Dool/
Bruce Magnusson
Gary Wilson Mal Clark
1972 Gary Wilson Nick Vanden Dool Gary Wilson Joe Gallur
1971 Neil Monteith Gary Wilson Keith Dank  
1970 Keith Dank Monty Monteith/
Gary Wilson
Keith Dank  
1969 Roy Brough Fred Maseyk Monty Monteith
1968 Monty Monteith Chris Wight
1966-67 Sam McCormack Bob Woolnough

Members who have served on the District Executive

Area Governors/Area Directors, where (+D) denotes also served as a Division Governor/Director

1969/70 Sam McCormack 1996/97 Jill Sykes 2012/13 Michael Said
1970/71 Monty Monteith (+D) 1997/98 Vicki Woodger 2012/13 Wendy Nielsen (Lipski)
1971/72 Keith Dank 2000/01 Tom McDonald 2012/13 Lyndal Eager Tucker
1972/73 Mike Green 2000/01 Dianne Sammut (+D) 2013/14 Christine Pizzuti
1974/75 Gary Wilson 2002/03 Steve Wieczorek 2013/14 Lyndal Eager Tucker
1975/76 Keith Dank (+D) 2003/04 Joan Abela (+D) 2014/15 Malkit Banwait
1977/78 Ken Rennie (+D) 2004/05 Robyn Peck (+D) 2015/16 Melanie Wilson
1979/80 Archie Barclay 2005/06 Michael Said 2016/17 Monique Tonna (+D)
1984/85 Trevor Wilton 2006/07 Ian Chick (+D) 2017/18 Karl Pereira
1994/95 Jill Sykes (+D) 2006/07 Glenn D'Cruz 2017/18 Cheryl Piper
1995/96 Denis Burke (+D) 2007/08 Joan Abela 2018/19 Peter Steinhour
1995/96 Connie Cullen 2008/09 Kirsten Linklater 2020/21, 21/22 Sabesh Sitsabesan
1995/96 David Shepherd 2009/10 Michael Said (+D) 2020/21, 21/22 Alicia Leise
1996/97 John Taylor (+D) 2009/10 Ron Marriott (+D) 2022/23 Michael Said
1996/97 Helen Kennedy (+D) 2010/11 Suben Subenthiran (+D) 2022/23 Christine Huynh
1996/97 Louis Fumeaux 2011/12 Linda Said (+D)    

Sean Leise also served as Division Director in 2021/22 and Ron Marriott again in 2023/2024.

Senior District Leaders
Monty Monteith, Ken Rennie, Gary Wilson, John Taylor, Ian Chick and Michael Said served as Lieut.-Governors and Linda Said as Club Growth Director and Program Quality Director of District 70. In District 90 (formed in 2015) Michael Said served as Program Quality Director and Monique Tonna as Club Growth Director, Program Quality Director and Public Relations Manager.

Clive Warren-Smith (1981-83), Demian Coorey (2002-04) and Ian Lipski (2012-14) served 2 terms as District Treasurer, Ian Chick 2 terms as Public Relations Officer in 2005-07, Michael Said 2 terms as Public Relations Officer in 2007-09, Anu Vijayan as Public Relations Manager in 2017/18 and 2020/21, Robyn Peck 2 terms as District Secretary in 2006-08, Linda Said 2 terms as District Secretary/Administration Manager in 2014-16 and John New 2 terms as Administration Manager (2016-18).

Ken Rennie (1981/82), Gary Wilson (1982/83), John Taylor (2002/03), Ian Chick (2009/10), Michael Said (2016/17) and Monique Tonna (2020/21) went on to serve as District Governors/Directors.

Michael Said served as Region 12 Adviser (2022/2023).

Ken Rennie and Gary Wilson served on the International Board when they were International Directors at Large in 1982-84 and 1986-88 respectively.

Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) awards Gary Wilson, Ken Rennie, Archie Barclay, Clive Warren-Smith, Jill Sykes (2), Denis Burke (2), John Taylor, Louis Fumeaux, Vicki Woodger, Helen Kennedy, Joan Abela, Ian Chick, Robyn Peck, Wendy Nielsen (Lipski), Demian Coorey, Michael Said, Linda Said, Ian Lipski, Cheryl Piper, John New, Mike Kano-McCallum, Monique Tonna, David Griffiths, Tom McDonald, Karl Pereira and Matt Tonkiss.

District 70/90 "Jazzer Smith" award - Elizabeth Wilson (2015)

District 70/90 Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year - Gary Wilson (1979), Elizabeth Wilson (2008), John Taylor (2011), Demian Coorey (2017), Michael Said (2020)

International Presidential Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Toastmasters - Gary Wilson (1984), Roy Ashpole (1999), Elizabeth Wilson (2003)

Order of Australia Medal (OAM) - Gary Wilson (2014), Elizabeth Wilson (2016) for service to the community, particularly through Toastmasters International.

More information about the club's achievements can be seen in the Club Introduction and History pages and on the summary of our banner ribbons.

See also Hall of Fame - Speech Contests