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Future programs:

See the programs for future meetings and notes from the Vice-President Education.


See the minutes of the last meeting.


See the current issue of the Club newsletter, the "Parra-Natta".

See archive of older issues.

Assignment Guide:

See our online guide to
the performance of meeting assignments

Club Podcasts

Listen to our Podcasts on Leadership Journeys.

Club Blog:

To have an item posted to our Club Blog, send an email to the

Next Meeting


See Meeting Dates and Themes for this term.

Mission of our Club

We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

Executive Folder

This folder contains information relevant to the leadership of our Club.

Club Meetings

The Club operates and conducts its meetings according to the rules and procedures laid down in:

  1. The Club Constitution of Toastmasters International (Code 210-C).
  2. The specific Addendum of Standard Club Options that apply to our club.
  3. Toastmasters International Protocol 2.1 which modifies Article XI, Section 2 of our Constitution.
  4. The Australasian Chairman by Gary Wilson. Available here
  5. The Continuing Motions of the club.

Officer Duty Statements

These are guide documents containing all the nitty-gritty details pertaining to the carrying out of these roles in our Club. They are all in Rich Text Format (.rtf files) suitable for updating in a word processor.

Other Club Documents


See an archive of Club and Executive minutes, programs, templates and key correspondence.


Documents that can be used or adapted for use in presentations to our Speechcraft courses. They are all in Rich Text Format (.rtf files) suitable for updating in a word processor.


We have a Facebook presence.